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The Friends of the Connection at St Martin's

The Queen Eleanor Cycle Ride is organised by The Friends of the Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields, a charity whose sole aims are to raise awareness about homelessness, and raise funds to support the work of The Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields. 

The Connection opens their door to everyone who needs a place to call home. They support people sleeping rough in the heart of London, helping them to recover and find their way off the streets. We get to know every person we work with, going the extra mile to understand their needs and hopes for the future, and being creative about finding help and solutions.

The journey can be long, and it's not an easy path. But the staff at The Connection stick with people and don't give up, supporting them to find their own way home.

By encouraging each person to address the issues which caused their homelessness, The Connection helps them to gain the skills and confidence to make lasting changes in their lives.

The Connection’s services have been developed to meet the varied, changing and specific needs of a diverse and dynamic client group of homeless individuals. In everything it does, The Connection seeks to build on people's strengths, and work with, rather than for, its clients.


For more information about the work of The Connection, phone 020 7766 5555, click here or e-


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